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My journey so far… Before I met my husband, I never really thought about children and getting married, the usual girlie things! I was focused on my career and getting a good working background behind me, but when I met my husband, Dean, that all went out of the window. I suddenly felt ready to settle down and not be so “selfish” anymore, devote my future to our family. We got married on the 11th of July 2009 and we waited until the following Valentines weekend to start trying for our family and we were extremely lucky to conceive first time, so little Noah became our first born and a Valentines baby.

Being pregnant felt amazing and I was completely astonished at what was going on inside my body the whole time, I never realised it was such an intricate and delicate process; I suppose because it never affected me before, I had never needed to understand what went on during pregnancy. Learning from my weekly emails was fantastic: when the heartbeat starts for the first time, when the organs are all developed and finding out about the hair that covers your baby until the last few weeks – it’s just simply amazing. The first scan you have with your baby is the most magical time of your lives, seeing your baby (albeit in 2D format) and knowing that everything is going well, is completely indescribable. I have never felt so much emotion as I did when I saw Noah on screen for the first time, Dean and I shed a few tears, shall we say, on that morning, Not to say the other scans we have experienced have been any less emotional, as we are due our 2nd baby in a couple of weeks and therefore we have had 4 scans now, they are all as important as each other and all just as overwhelming. The 2nd scan with our 2nd pregnancy was really interesting because they had just upgraded their technology at the hospital, we got to see every single tiny part of our little baby’s body, it was crazy how clear the body parts were and watching the heart valves at work really fascinated me – I could have sat there all week watching him/her wriggling around.

When Noah arrived I suddenly felt complete, I am sure that is the same for every new mum and dad, but it was like Noah had always been with us and a part of our lives. Over the past 17 months, watching him develop and change and learn new things around him has been the best 17 months of my entire life. Everything you do with your children from newborn to toddler stage is just one big learning curve for them and you for that matter! The importance of communicating with your baby constantly is something that shouldn’t be neglected, they pick up everything all of the time and they learn from their mummies and daddies. I remember the first time Noah copied my actions, repeated a noise I made and repeated a word I said, it’s just incredible to think how their minds work and soak it all up around them, like a sponge.

With the 2nd one due to arrive in the Constant household anytime now really, I feel that I have a better understanding of what happens with a baby and I am a lot more confident- but at the same time I am under no illusion that it will be exactly the same as the time I have had with Noah. Every pregnancy is different, every birthing story is different and every child is different; I am just prepared with the knowledge that I have and the fact that no matter how this new baby behaves, we will treat him/her the same, with as much love and patience and help them to develop into a happy little toddler – Just like little Noah.

To summarises my journey from career woman to mother of nearly 2: I can say that it has been an incredible one. I wouldn’t change my family for the world and I simply cannot imagine how things would be without them. It’s been a challenge, it’s been stressful, but it’s amazing and most of all it’s mine!

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