Our tribe - India


About us

We Made Me® was born out of a simple passion: to create thoughtful products, rooted in ancient traditions, with the modern family in mind.

As a fledgling British brand, we entered the babywearing market a decade ago as BabaSlings Ltd, and audaciously built our entire reputation on the back of one single, revolutionary product: theBabaSling® baby sling.

The extraordinary growth (and multiple awards) that followed, soon established us as a serious market leader, with theBabaSling® now stocked in most major retailers across the UK, and sold in over 35 countries worldwide.

What sets us apart is the genuine spirit of integrity and playfulness we apply to everything we do. From the pioneering ideas we develop, and the materials and suppliers we carefully source, to the elegant yet functional products we lovingly deliver to our customers. Every aspect of our business is considered with the same rigour, passion, innovation and honesty.

Our groundbreaking designs may now be internationally recognised, but our mantra will always be: keep your head in the clouds, your feet on the ground and your heart close to baby.



Behind every successful child there is a bewildered parent, or two. And if they are really lucky – there might be a whole family bursting with astonishment. Because as the Tanzanian proverb says: "One knee does not bring up a child".

We’ve always been fascinated with the origins of family, and how the unity of family and that of the tribe was considered sacred. Many of the ancient rituals and customs that once joined families and the wider community, have evolved, been lost and sometimes forgotten altogether.

As a company, we try to weave our ideology around such traditions of togetherness and belonging. We explore indigenous wisdom and shine a postmodern (or should we now say neomodern) light on it, hoping to find some relevance and value for today and tomorrow.

What’s past is (always) prologue. Why else do we keep looking at the old masters? Reading the classics? Quoting Shakespeare?

By re-examining ancient values such as our personal connection with the land and the seasons, respect for our elders, and knowledge passed down through storytelling, we recognise that certain common themes and shared beliefs endure.

We don’t believe in dictating the hows, whys and wherefores of raising children. We are under no illusions. Parenting is not a public service. Nor is it a religion – otherwise we’d all be fundraising like crazy. But it does require a leap of faith, regular injections of altruism and a bold sense of humour.

Bringing up a child is a heady mix of collaboration and delirium.


Meet our tribe 

Just as the traditional Nigerian proverb says: “It takes a whole village to raise a child”, so too does it take a whole community to build a company.

We Made Me Ltd is the sum total of our experiences working within the babywearing community for ten years. Our business is our community. Our community is our tribe. And our tribe is our network of staff, suppliers, partners and customers. It is not a one-man brand. We work hard at maintaining an environment of opportunity for all. From the photographer, the tailor to the packaging maker, we acknowledge that each member of our tribe is integral to the whole.

 Our tribal animals


We asked our collaboration of like-minded and like-hearted, creative individuals which sacred animal they most identified with. This is, essentially, who we are.

Daniel Lucas, our legendary founder and CEO, is the eagle

Jenny Ferguson, our Director extraordinaire, is the salmon

Amie Beamish, our astonishing UK & EU Sales Manager, is the deer

Yolande Bourgeois, our fabulous French Sales Agent, is the dove

Miles Johnson, our amazing International Sales Agent, is the bear

Abigail Brown, our wizard Office Manager, is the badger

Nickie McDonald, our queen of Logistics, is the horse

Lisa Bryant, our PR guru, is the otter

Mel Postma, our metaphor-slinging Wordsmith, is the panther

Zoë Hazelden, our shape-shifting Creative Director, is the coyote

David Lucas, our Creative genius, is the wolf


Enough said...except extra special thanks to:

Emma-Louise Wakley, our incomparable artist and illustrator

Claire Mackenzie-Neville, our wonderful Pao Carrier®; co-designer


Tribal Influence

We’ve always taken our inspiration from people that know better than us. The name for our first baby sling, theBabaSling®, came from the holy men (sadhus) and women (sādhvīs) of India. Known as the Babas by the people, these spiritual adventurers devote their lives to reaching the final stage of existence – liberation (moksha)– through meditation.

The story behind our latest baby carriers drew inspiration from the Native American Indian Hopi tribe. Known as the ‘peaceful people’, the Hopi society is one of America’s oldest cultures. It is traditionally matrilineal, with the women of the tribe determining inheritance and social status. When a man marries, the children from the relationship become members of the wife’s clan.

Our Soohu Sling™ 5-in-1 babysling (an exciting reinvention of theBabaSling®) comes from the Hopi word meaning 'star' and our Pao Carrier®; 3-in1 baby carrier comes from the Hopi word for the number three - 'pàayo'. Our Wuti Wrap®;  woven stretchy baby wrap comes from the Hopi word 'wuuti', which means 'women leader' or 'women of importance'.

To create a signature feature of the We Made Me® brand, all our products come with a distinctive flash of colour – cyan blue buckles, toggles and poppers on the Pao Carrier®, cyan blue buckles on the Soohu Sling, and cyan blue binding on the Wuti Wrap®.

Parents will also delight in our decision to create unique, character-led, illustrated instruction booklets inspired by a cast of animal families. These colourful creatures not only help teach the virtues of babywearing and demonstrate how easy all our products are to use, but they also serve as charming entertainment for the little ones.

Having taken the ancient concept of babywearing and made it accessible for today’s parents with items that are both functional and desirable, we will continue to develop innovative products that are rooted in practical family needs. Because, as all new parents will vouch, when you start your own clan, you want to wear your membership with love.



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